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If the blower keeps going after a warning, its OK to come in his or her mouth. Who, in the heat of the moment, is going to admit to an STI? Thinking about all the sperm thats been skeeted inside the bricked-up windows makes me feel a little nauseous. Its just another Ali, she says, using a German slur for Middle Eastern men. He seems delighted about my arrival. Tomas and I take a seat at the bar to cool off, but Steffi refuses to accept that Im not interested in her. Im not trying to actually have sex here, after all. Steffi looks at Dirk (Im trying to ignore the way shes rubbing my back) and says, My Dirk is into you. If You Build It, They Will Cum). I itch just looking at it and wonder how often it gets cleaned.

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She tells me to sit in the tiny gap between her and the equally large 50-something drunk woman next to her and puts her arm around me, fingering my collarbone. He continues his lecture on swinging 101: It is very important to have rules as a couple, and he wants to know whether Hanno and I have agreed on whats OK and whats not. Next to the dance floor, theres a cave for couples decorated with fake wood and plastic cushions. I cant tell whether shes at the tail end of her hard-living 30s or covering up the beginning of her 50s with make-up. Yeah, maybe, Ive never really thought of that before. Always stay safe is his credo, and a general rule in this scene. In the middle of the room a couple is having rough, almost impersonal doggy-style sex while two men kneel nearby and jack offperhaps hoping that the woman, who I make to be in her mid-50s, will reach out to them at some point. You know he wants to fuck her. In the back, three women and a man fill up a couch big enough for seven to eight normal-sized people. Dirk asks me to touch Steffi, so I put my arm over her shoulderI can do that much. I hope he gets on well with your friend.

to see if its right for. We glance into a niche that is lined with black and red fake leather and features paintings in neon colors illuminated by black light. We pay a higher entrance fee and the club pays her money. And these are your keys, number 21 and number. Hes been with Steffi for 15 years and swinging for 11 of thoseshe likes to lend him to other women, and she enjoys watching it, which is the reverse of the way it usually is, he says. Further toward the back, we find a sauna and more roomsone of them has what looks like a gynecologist's chairas well as what they call the whirlpool, which is just a normal half-full (or half-empty) bathtub equipped with some nozzles. Her look reminds me of a porn actress who left the set of a Pippi Longstocking-themed shoot for a life of easy living, ice cream, and big macs. There are no musts, only cans, right? I can see the Indians small head pressed against her massive, fat, pale boobs; even Hanno is helping himself to some Steffi. ..

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Steffi asks me to take her boobs out, but Id rather pass her off to Hanno, Tomas, and the Indian man who has been at the bar analsex lesben sexspielzeug anwendung this whole timehe, at least, is into her. Just before 6 AM, the barmaid puts our locker keys on the counter and we say goodbye. Even as Im practically sitting in Tomass lap and promising to go out with him next week, Steffi is kissing and stroking my shoulders. I climb on top of him, he twists me around, and then I let myself go and dont even realize that everyone is staring. I jump over the bar to flee and catch a glimpse of one of the men who was masturbating while watching that couple have sex earlierhes cuddling with the oldest and largest woman in the whole place. You see how your wife is flirting with that guy at the bar? Our little tete-a-tete gets broken up when a woman across the room screams, Dude! If it's you - click to take club under your acoount. More rules: If a man gets a blowjob, he should announce when hes getting close to climax. A shiver runs down my spine. She takes over from Dirk explaining how the swinger scene works. Have you been here before?

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But Steffi doesnt really seem to be looking for male partners tonight. As the bartender announces last call (if we want to stay past 6 AM, we have to pay the admission fee again Steffi leans on me, wedging me against the bar. Stop fiddling around with your dick in my face! As we approach, we are both giggling nervously likewell, like a couple of people going to a swingers club for the first time, I guess. In between showering me with compliments, he mentions he likes to sniff cocaine on the weekends and hes looking for a hot chick. Wow, we havent seen anything like this before, Dirk says, gazing rather hungrily. We get up from the bar and start a self-guided tour. I take off my top, figuring the leopard print push-up bra Im wearing underneath works better for this environment, though I wrap a towel around my hips to avoid showing everyone my G-string. Rating:.5, votes: 37, added: Sept. There's a platform for dancing with a pole in the right corner in front of a faux-leather couch. An old man joins ushe just walked out of the adjoining room, and hes panting like a winded dog. There's also a shower and a buffet with sandwiches and pasta. Shes clutching my bra straps and acts bitchy when I tell her how unbelievably attractive that man. Im a little embarrassed to have revealed a previously completely untapped talent for pole-dancing in front of an audience, and I honestly wasnt trying to put on a show for him and the rest of the crowd.

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The club is open 24 hours a day, after all. (Everyone except for the exhibitionist middle-aged couple, that isthey only have eyes for each other.). You have to get undressed. Her name is Steffi and she has freckles and short, blond braids that stick out of her head. Normally, men like to see their woman with other men.

swingerclubs berlin swingerclub number one